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Poster: Noah 8-? Date: Jul 24, 2014 11:15am
Forum: movies Subject: Holy Smokin' Servers, Jeff

I got a message that my post didn't take 'cause there was no forum chosen...

Sooooooo....... I'll try again:

The inundation by Tweakers and the Watch _ _ _ _ _ _ Online Free Viood advertising for VOD but Thousands of posts per day by a single uploader NOTHING is that worthy.

I check in and not ten but 50 pages of Blaze tv Highlights. Nothing and I do mean NOTHING has such redeeming value as to warrant thousands of uploads in a single day.

ARKIVER Admits that he has automated his spew of advertisements. Watch _ _ _ _ _ Online free Viood is nothing but an ad for VOD website…
I checked out and checked in later and then we have a variety in moving Archive - - - may be I somehow got shifted to the Blaze dumping ground… I dunno but 2,500 + in a single day?

Cheese and Crackers Jeff. It sure looks like someone is practicing for a cyber invasion right here.

Can you imagine what all three of these uploaders could do if they turned their talents loose on a Federal website - - - or worse - - - -any and all Christian websites?

Jeff, I’m not so sure that allowing automated uploading is a good thing for IA.
I hope it doesn’t come back to hurt you/us/ U.S.

Noah 8-?

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Poster: Mr Cranky Date: Jul 31, 2014 4:47pm
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Holy Smokin' Servers, Jeff

It's a difficult row to hoe here and I have opinions about it, but I am not affiliated with IA other than donations and comments.
I am unsure how any censorship or editing is possible in a true library, but the clutter and unpleasantly disgorged content you mention does stretch the limits of a video collection welcome screen. When a known ADZ spewer (Tweakers) has a collection it might be better to have its uploads go directly to that collection without appearing on the community video section. I'm fairly certain the horror generated by some of the "my god is better then yours" clubs use a bypass mechanism so they do not appear there.
And if the Twerker Arciver is watching, I have a question for it. With all the technology, equipment and capital at your disposal, are imaginary killing and destruction the only thing you can think of for entertainment? There must be some human feeling in your organization. Try to create something good in this life.